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Laparascopic Adjustable Gastric Band

Our gastric band surgery specialists will gladly talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have..

Nationwide Cosmetics offer low cost obesity surgery throughout the UK and over the past 13 years have helped many people suffering with obesity.

Why Consider A Gastric Band?

  • An option for those with obesity.
  • It is completely adjustable.
  • No cutting or stapling of the stomach.
  • Can be removed in the future.
  • Free Aftercare & Dietitian Support
Gastric Band Surgery can help you lose weight dramatically if you are suffering from obesity.
If you are suffering with obesity, a gastric band could be one of the options to consider. Individual suitability can be discussed with your surgeon. Enquire Online About Cosmetic Surgery

How a Gastric Band can aid weight loss:

Gastric Restrictive Surgeries have evolved over the last decade to assist persons who are obese. The adjustable gastric banding system is designed to reduce food consumption and thus induce loss of weight.

The Gastric Band is an adjustable device which is placed around the upper stomach. On the inner surface of the Gastric Band device, there is an inflatable ring which can be inflated and deflated post-operatively. Above the band, a small gastric pouch is formed capable of holding only a small amount of food and below the band is the main part of the stomach. During a meal the food enters the small gastric pouch and them passes slowly through the channel formed by the Gastric Band into the main stomach - the speed of which is determined by the size of the channel and this is, in turn, dependant on the inflation of the adjustable Gastric Band ring.

Interested In Gastric Band Surgery?

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Free cosmetic surgery consultation from Nationwide Cosmetics
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Gastric Band Surgery
Key Facts:

Medical Name:
Laparascopic Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery.

Also Known As:
Gastric Band, Stomach Band

Length of Surgery:
1 Hour

Recovery Time:
7 - 14 Days

Anaesthetic Type:

Overnight Stay?:
Usually 1 night.

(The above is only a guide and each case can vary depending on personal circumstances).

Why Choose Us?

  • Unlimited Free Aftercare
  • Competitive Low Prices
  • Dedicated Patient Coordinator
  • GMC Weightloss Surgeons
  • CQC Registered Facilities
  • 0% Finance Packages
  • Free Brochure
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